Cost Effective Home Improvements: Driveway and Patio

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Low Maintenance Driveway and Patio Solutions

Year after year we have to spend time and money in the maintenance of our property.  One of the larger ticket items can be your driveway and patio.  Driveways can come in a few different surface options.  Crushed stone, Blacktop, Concrete and Pavers.  At TKC we suggest installing driveways made with Unilock Pavers.  Their durability far outmatches any other driveway surface and their aesthetics of color, shape and design choices are unrivaled.


Unilock Pavers: A product made to last.

A typical driveway installation using stone pavers can last upwards of 40 years.  There are few other products that you can install in your home which have such a lifespan.  Blacktop driveways require seal coating and tend to form potholes and bumps.  Concrete Driveways tend to crack over time and are susceptible to damage from DE-icer and salt based products. Stone pavers not only have the advantage of durability, they are also much more pleasing to look at.  They come in an endless variety of colors and shapes.  Patterns can be inlayed. They can also extend into a patio surface including outdoor kitchens and leisure areas, fire pits, seating areas and walls.


Care & Maintenance

With relatively low maintenance, pavers can provide your family a lasting driveway & patio surface for many years to come.  Upkeep can be as simple as adding some Polymeric sand to fill in cracks and a semi annual sealant.  One of the great aspects of using pavers for your driveway is their inherent modular properties.  If one of the pavers becomes damaged it is very simple to just replace any cracked stones. Damage can occasionally occur from heavy objects being dropped on the pavers.

Professional Installation

When it comes to installation, experience and training are paramount.  All of TKC’s installation technicians are certified with the latest industry standards.  We are a Unilock Preferred Installation company serving all of Orange County, NY.  Remember that driveway demolition, preparation and construction can be a big project.  We encourage you to Contact US  today to reserve a time to get your dream driveway & patio installed this year.