Outdoor Living Space: The New Entertaining Space

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Outdoor Living Areas

In the last few years we’ve seen an increased demand for outdoor living area design and installations.  The idea of entertaining guests in the backyard at your permanent outdoor kitchen and living area has really caught on.  Homeowners are extending their living areas to the backyard and it has really changed the way we think about landscaping design and installation.

Millennials, interestingly enough, are leading the charge, according to a white paper on outdoor living published April 2015 by Kleeber & Associates. The group, roughly defined as those born between 1980 and 2000, are emerging as a driver of the outdoor living movement:

“[Millennials] are now coming of homebuyer age and seeking homes with outdoor living areas that are already complete or containing areas that can be improved or remodeled,” the study concluded.

The Staples of Outdoor Living Areas

It seems that the outdoor living area begins with a deck.  The deck is almost always an existing structure on a home.  Where as we used to enjoy grilling and entertaining on our decks it seems that that is just a starting point for the new age outdoor living area.  We’ve seen a desire to have a transition from the house to the deck and then a patio area.  The patio areas generally include structures like Pergolas and an outdoor kitchen.

The Future of The Outdoor Living Area

As this trend takes off we are sure to see more and more development in design ideas and outdoor appliances.  TKC has been designing and installing outdoor living spaces for years.  We are creating fireplaces and fire pits, Kitchens with fully functioning sinks and grills, counter tops and appliance spaces. As this trend grows we will continue to grow with it, offering the latest in style and design trends with many new and exciting options.