Landscaping and ROI (Return on Investment)

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Landscaping plays a major role in the value of your home.  It is suggested that your landscaping renovation should be equal to 10% of the homes overall value.  Whether you plan to sell your home or to stay in the home indefinitely, hiring a professional landscaper that understands how their work effects the value of your home is very important.  The landscaping of your property may have more than just monetary benefits.


Curb Appeal

We’ve all been introduced to the concept of curb appeal.  The rise in popularity in programs on HGTV have established some “industry terms” in our minds.  Curb appeal goes a long way in shaping the overall feeling a buyer will get from your home when they first arrive for a showing.  Home buyer will be much more excited to enter the home if the landscaping and driveway are well  maintained and have a professional look.


Shrubs and Trees

Properties with mature and manicured shrubs and trees are a key component in your lawns beauty.  Properly placed shrubs along walk ways add to the curb appeal of your home.   Well placed trees can not only be a beautiful addition to your lawn but can also increase the efficiency of your home if properly placed.


Walkways and Driveways

It is important to have properly installed driveways and walkways for your home.  These are essential to your landscaping.  TKC specializes in uni-lock paver driveways and walks.  They are durable and beautiful. It is important to be able to easily walk to your outdoor living areas and also to have a driveway in good condition that will shed water during storms and provide a safe surface to drive on.


Grass & Sod

I think we can all agree that a well maintained lawn will have green grass and be free of weeds.  One aspect of having a beautiful grassy lawn is the soil underneath.  If you have ever had that pesky spot in your lawn where grass just doesn’t seem to grow then you’ll understand what I mean.  Sometimes you will need a professional to remedy the situation.  TKC can help give you the perfect grass that you’ll enjoy year after year.


Above are just a few ways that you can work to improve the look of your property.  At TKC we would be happy to come and do a free estimate of your home’s landscaping and formulate a plan to add beauty and value to your home.  Please call us today!