An Outdoor Kitchen That Cooks

Samantha Smith Outdoor Living

A glorious red sunset with fishing stories interrupted by bursts of laughter, clinking ice cubes, kids giggling over s’mores and lots more – is a perfect evening on the cabin deck and everybody is having a wonderful time. With this type of experience in an outdoor kitchen, it is too bad you’re stuck inside preparing dinner especially if you are living in Orange County, New York, Middletown, Goshen, Monroe and other local cities.

Why not enjoy yourself outside which is full of fun with an outdoor kitchen?

Yes! Outdoor kitchen! It doesn’t have to be expensive or fussy or elaborate. Some components for outdoor kitchen installation include a table for dining, a charcoal grill, and a storage cabinet that also acts as a food prep surface which you already have on your deck right now; for a simple outdoor kitchen. It can also be as elaborate as having a brick pizza oven, prep sink, weatherized wine cooler, and a built-in grill among several others all under a vine-covered pergola. It is as simple as gathering everything together in one place to produce meals for your guests.

Tips for Better Outdoor Kitchen Design

Select low-maintenance materials

You should look for low-maintenance materials which are designed to withstand the harshness of an outdoor kitchen. Some of these materials provide a sanitary surface which is corrosion-resistant in harsh environments and easily cleaned

Compliment the design of the home

The design and installation of an outdoor kitchen should complement the architecture of the landscape and the home. You should make use of compatible materials and integrate subtle architectural details

Plan for utilities

When designing an outdoor kitchen, the location and the equipment within the kitchen are very important. This is because they can greatly affect the placement or the installation of the necessary water, gas and electrical supply.

Plan the entire outdoor entertaining space as part of the outdoor kitchen (as a single functional plan)

lounging areas, cooking areas, dining areas, and pool areas often coexist. These areas must be seen as outdoor rooms and also consider the flow of traffic among them as part of the design. Do not separate the outdoor cook from the rest of the party. There must be opportunities for conversation and interaction between the outdoor kitchen and other areas and within the outdoor kitchen.

Incorporate music and other entertainment

To make your outdoor kitchen enjoyable, you can incorporate music and other entertainment features. There are many options for first-class outdoor speaker systems. This must be done during the installation to avoid adding it later. Televisions and video monitors can also be successfully integrated into the outdoor entertaining areas.

To make the above and many more tips work out, you need the help of a professional. The design and installation of an outdoor kitchen are best done by experts.