Popular Features to Consider in an Outdoor Kitchen installation

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Outdoor Lighting Design

There are a lot of benefits to installing lights in the outdoor kitchen and this installation should be done by professionals especially if you are planning on tapping into existing electric lines. A landscape design company or a licensed contractor will help you work out the best outdoor lighting design for your outdoor kitchen. This will save you time and money down the road. You will want to ensure that you enhance your landscape. So, if you add too few lights, you may not even notice but you may end up sleeping with a mask at night if you add too many lights – it is a bad idea to do lighting installation without planning.

Shelter from the Weather

When it’s warm outside, the best place to enjoy the weather is in an outdoor kitchen. You will need to provide shelter for your outdoor kitchen. This shelter will help protect you and your appliances from rain, sun, and other weather conditions while working there. A retractable canopy offers a great deal of protection. You can extend the awning over the work area if there is strong sunshine or wet weather and you can take it off on pleasant days when you can work without shelter. A pergola or a patio umbrella could also be effective options.


This will provide significant work areas in an outdoor kitchen. It makes space for preparing meat right near the grill or chopping vegetables. Situate countertops between the grill and the refrigerator, this will help to create an efficient flow by streamlining your workspace. Choose a material that will resist the elements, such as concrete, tile, granite, or even flagstone for a rustic appearance. You can install outdoor countertops for your outdoor kitchen exactly the same height as you would for an interior kitchen. You can, however, increase countertop depth to between 30 and 36 inches to accommodate the depth of a grill.


The most important appliance you need is a cooking surface and an effective grilling. Some people have even made use of gas ranges and griddles in their outdoor kitchen. You can also include a smoker box if you enjoy smoking foods. Many people also install refrigerators, warming drawers and wine coolers.

Add a Bar

The installation of a bar to the living area of an outdoor kitchen can increase its appeal. The combination of the storage for barware, bar stools at a raised counter, and drink-mixing appliances such as a blender will enable you to serve a variety of enjoyable drinks for your family and friends.

Other Amenities

While planning the installation of your outdoor kitchen, you may want to add other features to boost your comfort. Most people in Goshen and Monroe do add a fire pit to provide a cozy place for congregating. You can also install a television if the family enjoys watching television. Another popular feature is a sink, although it is expensive. This will simplify cleanup and increase your convenience.

Above all, you can get experts to help you with the planning and installation process especially if you are living in Orange County NY Middletown Goshen Monroe and other local cities. A landscape design company or a licensed contractor will help you work out the best outdoor kitchen features for your outdoor kitchen.