Landscaping Ideas For Your Swimming Pool

Samantha Smith Tkc Landscaping

Repairing your outdoor pool area can benefit your entire home. While adding value to your home, this is possible by adding extra outdoor space. To have a better landscape for your home in Monroe, Washingtonville, Goshen, Chester, Middletown, slate hill, Pine Island, Warwick, Montgomery among other areas in Orange County, there are five areas to consider for landscaping around your pool. These landscaping ideas include choices for water features, privacy, plant material, fencing, and covered areas. Moreover, the main important for any design should boost the overall plan while sticking to local safety guidelines. You will enjoy the space during summer and winter months if you plan it well.

Different Landscaping Ideas

Choice for Plant Material

The best choice for plant material includes the use of shrubs, non-poisonous plant material, and dwarf variety trees within the area of Orange County. You can also make use of container plantings. For perfect use of plant materials, you should not plant any large trees as these would disrupt the pool landscape surface. You can also add shrubs that keep their leaves around the pool; this will add shade around the pool. You can also consider evergreen and preserve a reasonable height.

Water Features

The water features will add a naturalistic feature to your pool. You can build a cascading rock waterfall or install small structured fountains around your swimming pool and outdoor kitchen. These features will create a remarkable focal point or a soothing white noise in your landscape. You will surely enjoy this around your outdoor kitchen.


This is another concern for your landscape design. You should consider installing shrubs with dense foliage or a privacy fence. The shrubs with dense foliage should reach a mature height of four to six feet. You can also consider options like stone, brick, or concrete paver walls.


The fencing is very important for a perfect pool landscape especially with children around. A lot of fencing options exist to meet the required width and height between bars for child safety. After the installation, make sure you ask your professional ask about safety features on pool accessibility and pool gates.

Deck Patio

You may also consider installing covered areas such as a gazebo or pergola or a deck patio. This is a perfect alternative during warm summer months. It is also better for an outdoor kitchen. The deck patio and covered spaces create more shade for relaxing outdoors. It also provides safety from other extreme weather conditions in your outdoor kitchen such as high winds or warm temperatures.

For a perfect landscaping idea for your outdoor kitchen and pool, you need to contact professionals for installation. No matter where you are in Orange County, you will always find an expert for a perfect pool installation.